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LymphaTouch is a versatile and efficient medical device that elevates manual therapy to a new level. The patented technology of LymphaTouch combines negative pressure and mechanical high-frequency vibration, which activates the lymphatic circulation and soft tissues in the treated area.




A clinical study comparing lymphatic therapy administered on breast cancer lymphedema patients with a negative pressure device to manual lymph drainage (MLD) therapy. Aim was also to verify the physiological effects of LymphaTouch therapy in swollen tissue and to establish the safety of lymphatic therapy administered with the LymphaTouch device. Research showed that LymphaTouch reduced over 3x more limb volume than traditional MLD.




The study results showed significant improvement using LymphaTouch over MLD for both objective and subjective measurements. MRI measurement showed over 3x improvement in limb volume reduction (2% MLD vs. 7% LymphaTouch) and skin stiffness was improved by over 4x (2% MLD vs. 9% LymphaTouch). Patient’s quality of life was improved nearly 3x more for LymphaTouch group of patients (5% MLD vs. 14% LymphaTouch). While MLD showed no change for degree of disability, LymphaTouch group reported over 30% reduction (0% MLD vs. 30% LymphaTouch



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