Your Appointment

Our clinics are in: Stoke and Torpoint.

How long does it last?

An adult appointment will last for approximately 30 – 45 mins, depending on what areas we are working on.

Babies and toddler treatments are 15 – 30 mins.

What to wear?

The Bowen Technique can be performed directly on the skin or through light clothing. I willl cover you with towels to protect your modesty and keep you warm. The moves can be difficult to apply through certain materials such as woolly jumpers or heavy denim jeans. I may ask you to remove the thicker items but you will never be asked to remove underwear.

How many treatments will you need?

I normally recommend a course of one treatment a week for 3 weeks, this provides long lasting relief from symptoms, once the entire body is realigned and balanced. Some more serious problems or chronic conditions may need more treatments in order to solve the underlying cause. I willl always be upfront and honest about what I believe to be achievable.

Many of my clients have follow up treatments every 6-8 weeks or every 3 months for maintenance, for example an enthusiatic golfer visits every 5 weeks and no longer suffers with plantar fascitis or golfers elbow, he is also playing the best golf of his life ! I advise if a client reinjures or sustains a new injury to visit as soon as practicable, your body, already used to Bowen will respond very well, minialising the effects of your ailment.


 1. After treatment and for the rest of the day do not sit longer than 30 minutes at a time.  Just get up, have a stretch and walk around the room for the rest of that day, obviuosly please stick your normal bedtime routine!

2. Walk as much as you can each day and for at least 15 minutes.

3. Drink as much pure water as possible.

4. Avoid stimulants, eg. Coffee, tea, alcohol for the rest of the day.

5. Avoid excesses of temperature on the areas I have treated ie. ice packs, electric blankets or hot water bottles.

6. Have your bath or shower warm NOT hot. Don’t soak in the bath and avoid shower water hitting the back of your neck.   Stand sideways so that the water hits the shoulder. If you have a bad shoulder, let the water hit the good side.

7. Avoid carrying anything heavy on your shoulders.

8. If you have been shown any excercises following your treatment, please remember to do them as they are for your benefit.

9. Avoid any other hands-on treatment for 7 days either side of a Bowen treatment as this will interrupt the Bowen healing process.

10. Please do not wear your wallet in your back pocket as this cause’s an uneven pelvis and can be  the cause of back pain.

After a treatment, and in the following couple of days, you may experience what is known as a treatment response.  This can include: 

Excessive tiredness

Hot and cold flushes

Temporary worsening of symptons

Aching and stiffness

An increase in thirst

Emotional release

Increase in energy

General feeling of well-being

Good night’s sleep

Please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
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