What a pain!

As far as your spine is concerned, sitting and standing is pretty much the same thing,

“so why do you sit so differently to the way you stand? “

One reason is that you may simply not be aware that your sit bones are there to be sat on, or “stood” on as I like to say.

It’s common to see people using their coccyx, or tail-bone, to be the point of contact with the chair which causes the pelvis to tip backwards and rounding the lower back, hence the lower back pain many eventually suffer from sitting in this way.

The surface that you sit on is also a huge contributing factor in how you sit, but as long as it is flat and firm it will do.

This is why sofas are so hard to sit on well. Try standing on your sofa and you’ll soon find how hard it is to feel balanced!

Back pain can be caused by literally doing nothing, slumped in unnatural positions for hours whilst
we binge watch the next box set !

Consider your seating position oh and have your maintenance Bowen !!