Your Practitioner

I have been an NHS paramedic for the past 17 years and work in South East Cornwall, recently I have moved towards working on the bank for the ambulance service so I can concentrate on my business, Bowen Body Remedies.

Two years I was suffering with excruciating TMJD (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) which is in layman terms is extreme jaw ache and misalignment. I had tried everything , strong prescription medication and mouth guards but nothing would touch the constant pain. I heard about Bowen therapy through a friend and although I was very sceptical , I was also very desperate. The pain was constant and I was unable to fully open my jaw. 

I was amazed by the technique, not only did I come away deeply relaxed but my pain had reduced - immediately . I had another session the following week and by the next day I was no longer suffering ! I was so impressed by the therapy that I decided I needed it in my life and began the year long training . I am now a fully qualified Bowen Therapist and I am based in South East Cornwall and Devon, my clinics are in Torpoint, Plympton and Sherford .