Usually pain is just a temporary thing. We hurt ourselves. It’s painful. We get appropriate medical attention. It gets better and the pain goes.


In the case of long-term pain, something causes that initial pain message to stick around, still treating you as though there is a need to keep you informed that you have a problem. 


OldPain2G is available ONLY after your doctor has diagnosed the problem and either;

1) There is nothing more that can be done but manage the pain.

2) Your doctor cannot find the reason after exhausting all the test processes and offers pain management.

3) You have a degenerative condition where it is likely the pain will increase and all that can be done is pain management.


What is OldPain2GO®?


OldPain2Go® is you, working on you, under the guidance of a practitioner. As your practitioner, I  will help you discover the possible reasons the pain has continued long beyond it being helpful. I will then ask your brain to safely eliminate the pain. 




Whilst we all have different thoughts and feeling stored, we all process those thoughts in predictable ways. This methodology of working with the unconscious aspects of the brain respects the client’s thought processes and doesn’t need a trance to work effectively. It is readily acceptable to you with no fear of external control issues. 


OldPain2Go® works on eliminating Old Pain Messages that are no longer appropriate.

This includes: arthritis, surgical, accident damage, ongoing degenerative disorders, pains in the back, leg, hip, arm, wrist, hands, ankles, feet, sciatica, migraines, headaches, neck shoulders, IBS, Crohns, Fibromyalgia, ME, CFS, trapped nerves, scars etc. 


As your practioner, I may also be able to cover a massive range of emotionally based issues and thought processes. Such as: phobias, anxiety issues, overreactions, under reactions etc. 


OldPain2Go® constantly evolves to include a greater range of issues and to ensure the lengthy duration of the relief.


Who developed the treatment?


OldPain2Go®  was developed by Steven Blake, over a period of 6 years, whilst he was working as a therapist on thousands of people with physical and emotional pain. He was achieving exceptional results from his clients, even after just one session. Analysis of this success led to this methodology which is based on how the brain processes information and runs automated programs. We now have 950 practitioners worldwide!