My eldest client to date is 87 years old and the youngest was just 10 days old, both have experienced amazing benefits from Bowen therapy. Below are reviews from my clients who have experienced treatment:


"I have been suffering with a couple of issues, one for years, the latest a few months. Physio not really helping and gp at a loss. Asked Mel if she could help. My first therapy left me feeling good, the second, better than I have felt for a very long time. Symptoms have calmed right down, in fact some have gone completely. Sceptical about alternative therapies, however, I feel like my old me is coming back. Can't wait for my next therapy and also booking in my mini me for a treatment. Highly recommend, I'm so glad i booked in. Thank you Mel"

VK, Ivybridge. Devon


"In November I started suffering from mild TMJD (similar to Mel herself) I could hardly open my jaw and I was seriously struggling to eat properly. My stepdad mentioned that Mel was training to become a Bowen practitioner, Mel started giving me weekly treatment for free because she wanted to see if she could help. After a month I could open my jaw as wide as I could before I was struck with the pain, and most of all the ache and pain had fully disappeared. I couldn't recommend her more!"

ST, Millbrook. Cornwall 


"After going to physio's who charge 80 pound for half an hour of having electrodes on my back, I decided to try something new. Today was my first time having Bowen, it was really good. My back feels looser now and I can actually feel a difference. Looking forward to the next appointment."

AT, Devonport. Plymouth


"After having neck problems for 4+ months this has absolutely cured the problem. Also discovered my hips and jaw were out of alignment too. I'd never heard of this treatment until now and would highly recommend!"

SMc, Chasewater. Truro


"I'm a paramedic which involves heavy lifting. I pulled my back during an incident which only got worse over days. By the third day I contacted Mel and she diagnosed a tight psoas muscle. After a single treatment lasting less than an hour, my back felt amazing. I could stand straighter, the pain reduced and by the next day I was 100% better. I couldn't thank Mel enough. Excellent results."

RA, Roborough. Devon


"I've never had bowen therapy before, but having suffered with sciatica for the last two weeks I was willing to try anything to stop the pain. So glad I did !!. I can feel the difference already, I can stand for longer periods of time and the pain has really reduced, I wish I'd gone sooner."

AW, Millbrook. Cornwall


"Suffering from elbow pain, which has been diagnosed as tennis elbow, Mel advised I visit her for treatment. I didn't expect it to be instant but I can honestly say I have felt no pain since and the lifting/ moving has been easier and without worry. Any sceptics out there..... DON'T KNOCK IT 'TIL YOU TRY IT! Thank you and I'll see you soon."

ST, Plymouth. Devon


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