Lymphatic Therapy


Your Lymphatic system is very  clever , it is responsible for waste and debris removal  it also drains excess fluids whilst acting as a filtration system. it will then transport “clean” fluid back to the bloodstream

It is in charge of production, storage, maintenance, and distribution of Lymphocytes  which is bascially your immune system. A healthy system will maintain normal blood volume and fluid balance.

If you have 5 or more of the below symptoms its possible you have a sluggish lymphatic system and would benefit from Lymphatic Bowen . The session lasts 45 mins and can create amazing changes in your body.


💧Swelling in your extremities (rings fitting more tightly?)

💧Feeling stiff and sore when you wake up in the morning

💧Cold hands and feet

💧Brain fog

💧Chronic fatigue



💧Excess weight

💧Food sensitivities

💧Digestive issues

💧Dry or itchy skin

💧Sinus infections

💧Increased colds and flu

💧Weakened immunity

💧Enlarged lymph nodes


💧Unexplained injury and illness