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Lighten your load..when having a wobble can be just what we needed to balance ourselves.

So alongside motherhood (20, 11 and 9 if you were wondering…girl, boy, boy), a Bowen Therapist starting up my own practice(1 year in and loving every minute), I am also a part time paramedic. Or I was up until 2 weeks a go.

Things have been a little fraught for a while, juggling the above responsibilities. Things at work were getting hard, our workload had increased and I had taken on a student paramedic. It seeemed I wasn’t satisfied until I pushed on myself to my limit. The moment came following a time critical call in an isolated location, during this intensive time, I was verbally abused, threatened and intimidated.

Whilst this isn’t acceptable and I am pushing for a criminal conviction, this incident has cleared my vision. For the first time in a year there is clarity. It is like my family is the large red bag on my back, my ambulance career is the large green one strapped to my chest. The Bowen Therapy business, in my right hand. My left hand is gripping my friendships, holding onto everything tightly. Perfectly balanced or so I thought.

Everyone’s opinion of the picture is different but it is fair to say I am weighed down, could I keep carrying this much for a prolonged period? There are bags that you can’t afford to drop , you have to hold on tight to your friends and family. The incident taught me that it wouldn’t hurt to put down just one bag and lighten my load.

I have loved my 15 years in the ambulance service and being a paramedic is a massive part of who I am but it is time to move forwards to the future. I intend to put my all into my business and bring Bowen Therapy and all the benefits it brings to South East Cornwall.